Channel Weighing have the tools and knowledge to calibrate all types of scales, from brands including: Ohaus scales, Seca scales, Good scales, UWE scales, Weymed Scales, Weylux Scales, Tanita Scales, Salter Scales, and Mettler Toledo Scales, to mention just a few.

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Ohaus scales calibration, Seca scales calibration, Good scales calibration, UWE scales calibration,
Weymed scales calibration, Weylux scales calibration, Tanita scales calibration, Salter scales calibration, Mettler Toledo scales calibration

Hints and Tips - Why have your scales calibrated regularly?

Trading Standards, or similar regulatory bodies, can at random inspect companies to see if they are keeping their scales calibrated.

Many reasons may cause a scale to go out of calibration, which might be over-use or incorrect use, and a professional scale-repairer may know the reason to repair the scale.
Scales repairing may be the only way a business may function properly when selling bulk items. A business may want to repair their scales so they work properly. Individuals who use scales for their living may know about the regulations and requirements to have scales properly set. Scales may simply go out of alignment and need to be placed back in alignment.
Hiring one of Channel Weighing's calibration specialists to calibrate your company’s scales might be worth the time and expense for everyone who could be concerned about (and potentially penalised because of) their accuracy.

Channel Weighing calibrate all makes and models of scale, including Ohaus , Seca , Good , UWE , Weymed , Weylux , Tanita , Salter , Mettler Toledo. We cover the whole of England including London, Kent, and Essex.

If your scales need calibration, please call our hotline on
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